Automated Import and Export Register

No Paper Records

Improve reporting accuracy and admin efficiency whilst reducing human resources on site.

Affordable Hardware

Use GeoJob’s affordable hardware or access data from trucking contractors already using GeoJob.

Real-time truck movement data

Improve driver efficiency with real-time truck movement data, including live quantities against project estimates.

Automated billable data

Automated two-party billable data for importing and exporting.

VENM & Waste Classification

Historical tracking data verifies VEMN and Waste Classification requirements.


Integrate GeoJob into existing ERP and accounting software platforms. Xero integration coming soon.

Benefits for Civil Contractors

Eliminate manual paper import and export records on site and improve project efficiency.

Benefits for Trucking Companies

Improve driver efficiency with reduced paperwork. 

This can be integrated into your existing Linxio account so no extra hardware is needed!

What hardware do you need?

For Civil Contractors

Rent GeoJob’s affordable solar-powered devices and have them on-hand to install onto trucks or access real-time data from trucking contractors already using GeoJob.

We can deliver your solar-powered devices direct to your office or site so you can be up and running quickly.

For Trucking Companies

With our partnership with Linxio, you can simply connect your Linxio account to GeoJob and start using industry leading verification and invoicing software today.

Linxio is offering additional savings to change provider and can assist you to understand your requirements.

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