The Future of Construction Reporting has arrived.

GeoJob improves the accuracy and reliability of your company’s project performance data. Automate your reporting processes and eliminate unnecessary resources today.

Automated Import and Export Register – reduce costs by 70%

Access real-time truck movement data, view live quantities  against project estimates and verify VENM and Waste Classfication without all the paperwork.

Eliminate human resources on site and drastically reduce admin costs in the office with GeoJob’s Automated Import and Export Register solution.

We’ve got more features coming soon!

GeoJob’s primary offering is nearly ready!

Our fully-automated daily reporting platform will be available early 2024.

Get ready to take your civil construction reporting processes into the future.

About GeoJob

GeoJob is focused on improving the reliability and accuracy of the construction industry’s project data. Our goal is to make automated data collection an industry standard process that is afforable and accessible to companies of all sizes.

Using our 20 years of civil construction experience, we have researched, designed and developed a purpose built daily reporting platform that uses affordable IoT hardware to truly automate your projects daily performance reporting. 

Let GeoJob report on the past so you can focus on the future.

Our Partnership with Linxio

We have partnered with one of Australia’s leading tracking hardware suppliers, Linxio, to provide you reliable civil construction tracking hardware and software with easy installation.

About Linxio